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Create a 10 Item Annotated Bibliography Using Sources Pertaining to Academic Honesty


“Plagiarism is the act of copying and pasting items from a source, buying a term paper and submitting it as if it is the students own ideas or paraphrasing the wording of a certain source and using another’s persons ideas. Plagiarism is a serious offense that may result in serve consequences. From an educator’s perspective; plagiarizing deprives students of formulating their own ideas and processing the information in the class. Based upon these consequences; students should form an action plan that pertains the methods, resources and personal habits that prevent plagiarism. Using the following sources pertaining to academic honesty, one is able to demonstrate how students can prevent plagiarism.

Fredrick Crews, 1992 The Random House Handbook, 6th Ed, pp. 181-183 New York: McGraw  Hill.

The author demonstrates how plagiarism can be found while paraphrasing the author’s words. In doing this students replace certain words through the text using synonyms. In order to prevent plagiarism; the author recommends that students read the whole paragraph in the text and then paraphrase it in his own words. Another recommendation provided by the author includes having students make a rough draft of their work. This allows students to form and organize their own ideas.

Robert Harris, April 26, 2011 Anti-Plagiarism strategies for Research Papers

The author employs strategies that are used to combat plagiarism in students. In order to prevent plagiarism, students should make it…”